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How Time Tracking Application helps Startup Organization - Timed-In App
Time Tracking

How Time Tracking Application helps Startup Organization

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Whether it is a startup, freelancing, small business, or large business, tracking the time spent on a particular project is very important in terms of proceeding further things. The team members are responsible for monitoring the productivity, looking into the deadlines for the projects and for the tasks assigned to the employees and also responsible for keeping an eye on the expenditure spent on a particular project or on the stationary itself.

Project Management

Maintaining a manual record of a single task would take much time to complete it, but here if we go with time tracking software then it will save time and also gives us the analysis report of every single task. There we can get information like start time and end time of the task, and geolocation of that task i.e., from which location that task has been performed and from which location that task started and ended.

Startups usually hire remote employees in these cases, it is very difficult for the management to track the employees’ work but in that case, we can go with any of the time tracking software to make it easy and reliable. There are so many time tracking software available in the market with many features one of them is Timed-In software it has a unique feature when compared it with some other software applications.

Here are the Timed-In Application Main Features:

Best Time Tracking with Timed-In application is a very clear understandable UI. Timed-In not only helps you in tracking the time on monthly bases but also helps you in tracking everything from parent project till sub-task of an employee.

  1. Ease of Use: Users’ inputs to closely monitor all aspects of your tasks.
  2. Integrated Team Calendar: Each team member will have access to their own calendar. The calendar will be populated for the assigned tasks they received and allows all team members to be on the same schedule.
  3. Geo Location: Every Timed-In and Timed-Out will be Geotagged, letting you track location and time in which your team members arrived at locations and started being productive.
  4. Custom Report: Fully customize your report to control the data you are looking for, it allows you to save and reuse all the reports every time you need it.
  5. Tracking: Imaging being able to track your Tasks in progress, your Employees’ locations, Materials purchased and their costs, inventory Items and track your materials for each task as they are being used. This as it happens!
  6. Gantt Data: Timed-In is here to help us in tracking the each Project Timelines visually i.e., in the form of Gantt charts, it shows you a pictorial representation by which you can easily see the critical aspects of a task like starting date, ending date, due date, duration, etc. of the assigned task. Furthermore, you can modify the data of the Gantt chart view which you can save into the system.
  7. Chatter: Timed-In application has a separate messaging feed option wherein we can connect with users and also tag them and share the message for a single user or multiple users, we can also attach the file along with the message and share it. We can edit and delete the shared messages as well.
  8. 5 Level Deep Tracking: Parent Client–>Client–>Project–>Task–>Sub-Task
Tracking Level
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