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Popular views a project management system should have

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Project management is really a major and key element to every business, whether you are a startup or a well-established enterprise. Project management defines a process in your deliveries which ensure your business productivity. A Project management system shows all the activities of your company. That’s why a project management system includes different kinds of views or representation of your tasks and jobs which gives you a more precise and conceptual view of your productivity.

A typical project comprises of multiple tasks and jobs and many persons are working on that. There are many types of dependencies on those tasks along with multiple validation constraints like due date and all. A smart project management system provides you with a way to see every aspect of your project and its crucial details.

Project Management

Effective and smart project management is the first step to the success of a project. The project manager has different sorts of tools and knowing which tool is to be used and when for the successful project outcome. Over the years, these tools have gone through the transformation in line with technological advancement and changing needs in the management of projects.
Here is our analysis on the different project views which helps you to derive your business deliveries more effectively.

Kanban Project View

Kanban is a visual way to manage tasks and workflows, it includes columns and cards. Cards represent tasks and column organize those tasks by their progress and current status or development.
Kanban puts the whole process on one page/screen, so it is easy to track who is working on what and where it comes under the project criteria. It represents an individual task. Each card is filled with information related to that task, such as its name and a short description. They will also be assigned to the team member or members, who will be responsible for executing the task by the deadline.

Time Management

Gantt chart View

This is a view which is used in project management, mainly in tracking tasks and projects. It is normally presented in the form of a chart, there we can see the list of activities and at the top header, a suitable time scale is shown. Each project activity is represented by a bar, where the length of the bar shows the duration of the activity, reflecting the start and end time. It is very much easy for the project management team to visualize the whole project. The Gantt chart gives you the dependency of interlinking tasks as well. Dependency means if the one task is about the end then the one is about to start with the same concept.

Gantt Charts

List view

List view provides you with a detailed insight about your projects, it gives you all the details about your project in classic tabular view where you can see every information related to your project over there. List view provides you with more flexibility to filter your view as per your needs. You can leverage field filters to refine what data is displayed based on any field you have access to. You can pick the order that the columns display in, and you can even sort by a column ascending or descending.

Timesheet Management

Timeline View

Timeline View provides you with a calendar-like a view where you can see your tasks and activities according to dates and you can forecast them in a calendar as a timeline. That gives you a good way to manage all the projects as per the time. Here you can plan your work according to your needs. Basically it is a presentation of a chronological sequence of events. Timelines are useful to document any type of development, providing an easy-to-understand history and helping viewers to understand past and ongoing trends.

Project Management Timeline

Progress View

A progress view is basically a graphical control element used to see the progress of a project. Progress bar supports two modes to represent progress can be categorized in different ways like Active, Inactive, based on priority, based on location or any other criteria. This bar uses motion or some other indicator to show that progress is taking place, rather than using the size of the filled portion to show the total amount of progress.

Project Progress

Final Closure

As we can see a smart project Management tool gives you a different way to manage and see your project growth and activities. Second thing is that it gives you different views in a project management system which leads their users to a way to experience the different aspects of the project and by that way nothing could be neglected in the management.
Here we came up to give you different types the project management views only in one software which is very much user-friendly and will help you out in every possible way to run your business smoothly. Timed-In will help you to give all the possible way to track your growth with different project management views. Timed-In also helps you to track your employee’s activities and it enhances the productivity of your workforce with the proper management system. Contact Timed-In Specialist today to know about the growth of your business.