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World First Business Application

Timed-In is a revolutionary online business application extracting its modules and resources from larger cooperation’s while carrying its powers to small and medium scale business.

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The world first small and medium scale business application that improves efficiency

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Fully support by our experienced staff at 24/7 available every time you need us.

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You can manage your business from your mobile devices at anytime around the globe.

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Intense development has been done on Timed-In App to deliver the best for your business.


Timed-In build to provide a secure, solid gateway for clients to manage their business.

Event Planning

Full scale in-depth report can be generated inside our platform.

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Full completed app that keep track of your business, employees and their efficiency.

Project Management
Project Management
Timesheet Management
Time Tracking Application
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Timed-In helps you keep track of your projects & their completion, your employees and their efficiency and also track expenses on your projects. Traditionally, what may take hours to perform by manpower, can only be done in a matter of minutes using Timed-In. From adding up the hours worked, creating spreadsheets, comparing them to the budget to creating invoices.

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